Modern English – Life in the Gladhouse 1980-1984 – CD

Modern English – Life in the Gladhouse 1980-1984 – CD
(Beggars Banquet / 4AD) The first thing I think of when I hear the name Modern English is their big hit “I Melt with You” and the movie Valley Girls which featured the song. Since I grew up in the ‘80s this feels like old times, which weren’t necessarily good times. But I still love that song. Anyway there are fifteen other songs on this disc and while they are quite different from their radio hit they are great songs in their own right. Their basic sound is that dark, moody ‘80s new wavish type sound that was very big for English bands of the time. You could lump them in with bands such as the Cure, The Smiths or even Bauhaus but that would be very limiting and doing them a disservice because while there are similarities they have a unique sound and feel all their own. Hey all you young goths, check this out. {Grog}

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