Monk – Quiver – CD

Monk – Quiver – CD

Monk---Quiver---CDMonk – Quiver – CD
(Falt Earth Records) The guitars are swirly, the bass is shimmering and the vocals are male softness. This mellow CD will have you drifting off to another realm. The instrumentals on this release make you feel like you had a brain massage after you listen to them, they are that relaxing. A note to all the locals, Brian Kelly of Over the Rhine plays drums on many of the tracks. With the tune One Eye Open I felt like I was listening to an ’80s Beatles influenced band. On the song, Can’t Drink the Water, Monk reminded me of a mellower Toad the Wet Sprocket, and on Birds of Appetite, an even mellower Jah Wobble. I also swear that I hear a little bit of the Ani DiFranco sound on the song That’s My Love, which has Ben Folds on Loop Drums. This is a wonderful mellow release.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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