Motley Crue – Live Entertainment or Death – CD

Motley Crue – Live Entertainment or Death – CD

Motley-Crue---Live-Entertainment-or-Death---CDMotley Crue – Live Entertainment or Death – CD
(Beyond Records / BMG) This is a good example of why I don’t like most live albums. The songs are done the same way in which they were initially recorded, but due to the lack of studio clean-up, they sound weak and lame. The background vocals are off key and the bass & guitar just sound weak. On a few songs, they sound decent, such as Live Wire, but that’s because their first release was raw too. The first CD in this two-disc set was recorded in the early ‘80s and features older songs from their first few records, which happen to be my favorites of this collection. However, since I’m no longer an impersonal young teen they don’t do much for me anymore. The second disc was recorded in the ‘90s and has their newer songs. These are filled out better, but I don’t think the songs themselves are quite as good as their old stuff. It seems like they released this because a) They could get the last bit of money out of their old fans due to their VH1 behind the music special b) They have a format where they can cuss between songs…it’s amazing how many cheers they can get for simply saying the word “fuck”. c) They are utterly clueless.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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