Neglected Sheep – Geno Died – CD

Neglected Sheep – Geno Died – CD

Neglected-Sheep---Geno-Died---CDNeglected Sheep – Geno Died – CD
(Livestock Music) A twelve-year-old Eddie Vedder teams up with Hootie & the Blow Me on this sorry embarrassment to lonely shepherds everywhere. I hope these guys are as poor as I am and can’t afford to bump me off, because I spent ninety minutes of my life listening to this shit (twice) and I’m gonna damn well write a review worthy of that sacrifice. I tried, god, how I tried to find something redeeming about this band. Truth is, it sounds like Bob Seger trying out a grunge sound. They tried very hard to make it sound good in the studio, but what they end up with is all of that annoying BIG production fluff, and zero substance. Oh… there’s a good word for it: Zero Substance. Here’s a song by song break down:
1. annie brewster: If I was her I’d definitely have to leave town immediately. 4
2. I belong: No. They don’t.
3. bad attitude: As he says it: “bad-itude”.
3.5 [Insert very long, embarrassing guitar solo here for effect.]
4. why: Yep. I’m asking myself the same question.
5. brown mountain: Ohhh… No way. That’s too easy.
That’s enough. That’s side one. I need to calm down. Think I’ll go downtown and trade this cd for some crack and a Peter Frampton record.
- Superchunk Steve (1999)

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