Pacer – The Space Between Us – CD

Pacer – The Space Between Us – CD

Pacer---The-Space-Between-Us---CDPacer – The Space Between Us – CD
(Eskimo Kiss Records) Well, I was wanting them to come out with a full-length after I reviewed their three song cassette a while ago and they have come out with a full length. This CD is no disappointment and was everything their demo hinted at. Here you get a fuller picture of the band and their late ’80s indie rock sound ala Superchunk, Sonic Youth and early period R.E.M.. They have quite a bit of diversity due to having different vocalist and I would assume different song writers. My favorite track would have to be Famous with the Kim Gordon with a southern lilt vocals and hook-laden music. If you like indie rock and catchy songs snap up a copy.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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