Pedro Alfonso – Strings To Your Heart – CD

Pedro Alfonso – Strings To Your Heart – CD

Missing-CoverPedro Alfonso – Strings To Your Heart – CD
(Talent Beach Music) Pedro is a phenomenal violinist who has a love of Latin music, jazz and a great beat. He has played with a litany of Laitno artists and has left his unique imprint on a multitude of songs. Left to his own devices he tends to be a bit on the pop-romantic / light jazz side of things, with the only vocals being very Equivel-esque doo-wops. He even does a really interesting cover of Journey‘s “Open Arms”. Overall I prefer his faster paced songs to his light jazz tendencies, but either way he is amazing. This is a must if you like great violin or music for a very romantic evening.
– Grog Mutant (2008)

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