A Planet for Texas – Sprechen Sie Rock – CD

A Planet for Texas – Sprechen Sie Rock – CD

A-Planet-for-TexasA Planet for Texas – Sprechen Sie Rock – CD
(Diaphragm Records) The first thing I thought of when this disc started was “Damn it’s Motorhead!”. Their other songs had a different vocalist so with the Lemmy similarity removed they sounded more like a typical melodic hardcore band. Their third song “Broken Heartland” sounded so similar to Husker Du it was scary.except that it wasn’t nearly as tight as it should have been. I was wondering what the song “Tony Painter” would be like since it could have been praising or dissing, I soon found out it was the latter. Tony for those not in the know was the drummer for the early 90′s punk band Pet UFO and also ran the label Burnt Sienna Records which was pretty successful. In the late 90′s he bought the Columbus club “The Distillery” which always has some great punk acts coming through. Evidently this band felt wronged by him and wrote this song to punish Tony, I can’t say that my band didn’t do similar things. Overall they are a better than average melodic hardcore band with decent wit and some catchy tunes. Not the best around, but one of the better bands that I’ve heard come out of Columbus.
– Grog Mutant (2003)

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