Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Greg Reynolds

Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Greg Reynolds

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #13, Winter 2000)


When Greg Reynolds first heard Kiss and Cheap Trick, he knew he wanted to play guitar. He bought his first guitar in 7th grade. He bought it from a girl for ten dollars. It was an old red and black Univox guitar. Needless to day, Greg was hooked.


Greg Reynolds has been in the local music scene in 1986 when he was a member of the Dayton based pop cover band the Trouser Mice. The Trouser Mice were favorites at the First Stop nightclub. Greg has been in various bands since the Trouser Mice including Burlap Sack, May Charm, Doc Ellis, and the Summer Nations. Currently, Greg is in the Cincinnati based Tigerlillies. Greg is the lead guitarist and he is one of the songwriters. The Tigerlillies fuse power pop to a 60′s garage band vibe. They have a contagious energy and are well known for mixing early 80′s cover songs with their own original material. The band is currently working on their next CD. The Tigerlillies have quite a following in Cincinnati and they usually average 150 to 200 people per show on the weekends. You can catch Greg and the Tigerlillies at Sudsy’s, the Overflow on Main Street in Cincinnati, or the South Gate House over the river in Covington, Kentucky.


  1. All the girls in high school wanted him to be in the Centerville High School rock-n-roll band, the Scam.
  2. He’s known on the Internet as “The Helicopter Boy.”
  3. He tried to get his mom to marry a guy whose last name was Cooper, so he could tell all the kids at school that his mother is Alice Cooper.


  1. Ronnie James Dio: In the 80′s, Greg dressed up like the Holy Diver complete with spandex pants, curly big hair, and eye liner for the demonic appearance.
  2. Iggy Pop: In 1998, Greg bared his chest and strutted in the Oregon District just like he was the “Godfather of Punk”. He got cold after a minute and put on a jacket.
  3. Rick Nieslen of Cheap Trick: Greg dressed up like the wacky and charismatic lead guitarist of Cheap Trick with checkerboard pants, bow tie, and nerdy glasses. He was mistaken several times for PeeWee Herman.


“My 1955 Les Paul Junior.”


“I am a muscle car fanatic. 1967 to 1972 were the glory years. I like to collect old guitars and work on guitars. I like to read about old cars, old guitars, history, and science. With history and science, you have one thing that is moving ahead, constantly evolving, and changing, but history can’t change. So, you have two spectrums of time. History of the earth or social history is etched in stone. Whether it’s accurate or not, it’s hard to say because you don’t know how it’s been filtered or diluted. Also, I’m becoming fascinated with computers right now even though I don’t know that much about them right now.”


“”Absent Fathers, Lost Sons”, it’s about the lack of a father’s presence in your life either physical or emotional absence. Anybody who feels like they have been neglected by their father especially a son, should read it. It opens your mind up and explains a lot of things about me now.”


“One evening, my old girlfriend Krista and I made fun of a cover band. We just kept drinking and drinking. Cracking up and making fun of everything the cover band did. We sat in the back. It was a really fun night because we weren’t getting along at all, but we went out and just got slammed. We totally made up of this band. They were really bad. I’m sure everyone else was making fun of them too. I have very few memories of Canal Street because I rarely go there since I live in Cincinnati.”


“I’ve seen a few good movies lately. American Beauty is very good. I want to see Magnolia because I love Aimie Mann (She’s doing the soundtrack). I thought being John Malkovich was very entertaining. It wasn’t deep or anything, but I thought it was cool.”


“Okay, here’s my prediction for the new millennium. Technology will take over to the point where everybody will stay in his or her homes, looking at their computers, and that world will become more important than the world they live in. It seems that people will be more excited about staying at home and getting on their computers instead of going outside and taking a walk. While everybody is in their house and everybody is communicating through their computers, then there will be more and more urban sprawl and developments that no one will notice is happening because we will be too busy crammed away. Before you know it, there will not be anything left. This world is created with the Internet and cyber space. I sometimes think that this if just a conspiracy to get people to stay at inside, to stay wired up, and to know what’s going on in cyber space, but to not pay attention to the birds anymore and the wind. People go from their computers to their cars and their cell phones to their jobs back and forth with a wired existence. It doesn’t take into account the beauty of the world.”


“I’ve been a vegetarian for ten years. I feel strongly about animal rights and I hope our society will wise up as a whole and realize that it would be a lonely place without the animals, the sea etc… It just seems that everything it headed for extinction and it is because of us. It’s not because of anything else. I get very mad and frustrated about things like that. I don’t do enough about it. ”


“I like the Simpsons. I use to love Speed Racer. Currently, I like to watch Paramedics on TLC every Tuesday. They go to one city and obviously they stay there for a few weeks. They film people that are in big car wrecks, they bring them in, and they try to keep them alive. There is always six or seven stories going on at once. They usually have just three or four different paramedics and you get to know them through the show. There are some really neat people with some true spirit who just keep going even though they have to deal with all that gross stuff. Paramedics are my true heroes. I don’t understand how they have enough confidence to go to an accident scene and face someone who is about ready to die. They know what they have to do. They have to sustain them until they get to the hospital. I know it’s just a normal thing that you go to school and you learn how to do it, but it me it’s really cool. It’s a great profession.”


  1. Ace Frehley: “Ace did a record signing at Dingleberry’s. My mom came in and she was the only one that made him laugh the whole time he was there. She thought the he was the one that was dating Cher and he cracked up about it. (Cher was dating Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi at the time.) She was the only one that made him smile the three hours that he was there.”
  2. The Beautiful: “They had a record out in 1992. They came into the store because I had called some people about them doing an in store and nobody knew who they were. They were playing at McGuffy’s. Two of the guys in the band showed up because they heard that there was a guy at Dingleberry’s that loved them. They showed up, we hung out, talked, and took a picture. They’re not together anymore. Their drummer plays with Love Spit Love who is Richard Butler’s band. I’m not sure what the rest of the members are up to.”
  3. Hair bands: “I met Winger, Brittney Fox, Queensryche, Pantera (they weren’t a hair band at the time. Well, a few of them were.) Poison, and every hair metal band that is on “Where Are They Now” came to the store at one time or another. I think that the climate of the whole hair metal band scene was that we’re still stars and we’re still untouchables and you have to come to meet us. It’s not like that now so much. When the hair metal scene was starting to die down, the in store promotion was a good way for the hair guys to keep their foot in the door.”
  4. Vivian Campbell (guitarist in Def Leppard): “Vivian Campbell from Dio called me one day at Dingleberry’s. It was heart stopping. We were trying to do a fan club for him while he was in Whitesnake and we never heard from him after a while. He called and it just blew me away. He called to invite me to a Riverdogs show, which was his band in Cleveland.
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