Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Joel Lensch

Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Joel Lensch

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #10, Winter 1999)

Joel Lensch (aka Lucky) is the latest victim of deadbeat corner. One evening I saw Joel’s face on the local cable station in his perfect white chef’s uniform. He was being interviewed by William Pace and I was jealous. I love William Pace. This is Joel living my dream. He prepared William a dish from the restaurant Christophers, where he works. Joel is a lucky man.

He is also the chain smoking, snarling one minute laughing the next minute, bassist frontman of the Barnhills. Joel has been in several Dayton bands including Heike, the Larry Byrrds, the Barnhills, Candyass and his latest band Art of Choke. Joel’s brothers were an early influence in his interest of music. His oldest brother got him interested in hard rock acts like Kiss and Van Halen before he was 10 years old.

Then when Joel was a teenager, his other brother got him interested in the “indie” rock scene. They used to fight about hot topics, like whether the Replacements were good or not. The Barnhills played their latest reunion show for the Mutant Renegade benefit at Canal Street Tavern in January. Joel and Dave are now in Art of Choke and hopefully Jeremy is starting into a new band as well.

6 Fun facts about Joel

  1. 1. Joel is the youngest of four children.
  2. 2. Joel saw Kiss play with their make-up on when he was nine years old.
  3. 3. Joel thought Leif Garrett was a tobacco company.
  4. 4. Joel likes to make breakfast.
  5. 5. Joel’s nickname is Lucky.
  6. 6. Joel is a mean tennis player.

The journey into Joel’s brain begins…

Favorite Bands: Superchunk, Jawbreaker, Sarah Mclauchlin, Tanya Donnely, Belly, American Music Club, Frank Sinatra, J-Church, the Pixies and Louis Premio.

Musical Goals: When I was a little kid I wanted to be a rock star, retire my parents and buy them a house in Colorado. Now, I just want to play music. I’m not out to make it big is music. It will probably always be a hobby. I never foresee myself not playing music.

Thoughts on William Pace: William thinks he’s a Dayton celebrity. He’s not very nice and he didn’t talk to us. William comes into Christopher’s, but he didn’t eat the dish we prepared for him while we were on his show.

What is your poison? Non-Alcoholic is tea. I like Guinness and whiskey. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My mom and dad watch Buffy. I talk to mom about Buffy on the phone. It’s not easy to be a slayer and have a social life.

High school memory: My favorite time in high school was my later years, because every class I took was an art class like photography. I had a good high school. I’m not your average person who says, “Man, high school was the worst thing in the world.” I went to Vandalia. Although it wasn’t a bad experience, whenever I see someone from high school, I hide from them. It was bad enough to not want to talk to anybody.

Hobbies: I make candles. I like to play tennis. I play golf with my dad. I like to hang out with my friends. I like to listen to music loud, especially at night and drive my neighbor Skyp crazy.

Favorite movie: My all time favorite movie is La Femme Nikita, the original version. I can’t watch the Exorcist all the way through, it still freaks me out.

Who’s your favorite teen idol: Heather Locklear, Charlie Angels and Daisy Duke. My mom likes the Bee Gee’s.

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

New years resolution: Take a Karate class, take care of myself and to stop smoking.

Favorire cheese product: Pepper Jack – It has Japolenos and spices in it.

If you were invisible for a day what would you do? I think everyday that I am invisible, so I wouldn’t change that much.

Last record you listened to: Superchunk and the Miseducation of Lauren Hill

If you were born a girl what would your name have been? Abigail Marie

Musical goals: To overcome my fear to play solo. It scares me to hear my voice when I play solo.

Most significant moment in your life: I went on a mission project to Jamaica when I was 18. I stayed in a small town with no resorts. There was a small school building with two rooms. Each room had something outrageous like 100 kids in each room. We went there to add onto the school building. It was a poor town and everyone appreciated it. It was the most awesome experience.

Best pick up line: I could never use a pick-up line and if I did I was too drunk to remember.

If Grog was running at you wearing a loincloth and waving a fish, what would you do? I’d embrace him and make love to him right then and there…then I would commit suicide.

Thoughts on computers and technology: I’m not anti-computer and I wouldn’t mind having one, but I’ve seen too many people get wrapped up in them. It’s kind of a scary thing. We’ll have a computer soon enough.

Thoughts on religion: My mom is very religious and I was religious for a while, like when I went on the mission project. When you are involved in one type of religion it seems that a person can get very narrow minded and anybody who does not think like them is wrong. That’s not right. They are closed minded and that’s not a good thing. I hear Christians say, “You’re going to hell if you’re not a Christian.” I know people who are better people than the people who call themselves Christians. Are they going to hell because they are not Christians? It has done a lot of people good though. There are a lot of Christians who do negative things for what they see as good reasons.

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