Public Enemy – The Millennium Collection – CD

Public Enemy – The Millennium Collection – CD
(Universal Music) Back in the day rappers used their verbal and musical skills to put out some killer tunes. They didn’t rap about how big their dick was, talk about bitches or use a slew of cuss words in a cheap effort to sell their albums to naïve kids. They rapped about issues in a way that focused on real issues and the way they did it was pure poetry. Public Enemy was at the head of the pack and is one of the few rap bands that I really like and fully respect. Filled with their best tunes, this release is a welcome addition to my CD collection. All the hits are here, “911 is a Joke”, “Don’t Believe the Hype”, “Fight the Power”, “Bring the Noize” (with Anthrax) and so much more. Get this CD and hear what a true rap group sounds like. {Mite}

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