Real Lulu – We Love Nick – CD

Real Lulu – We Love Nick – CD

Real-Lulu---We-Love-Nick---CDReal Lulu – We Love Nick – CD
(Big Beef Records) Real Lulu is in opinion one of the best Dayton bands ever. This CD has six different drummers on it. No they aren’t Spinal Tap, even if Ben and Timmy both did die, Kattie and Sharon are just two really great people who have been involved in the scene for quite a while and everybody wanted to help out. The drummers have been in a number of local bands and most play different instruments in other bands. The drummers are Jim Macpherson (the Breeders, Raging Mantras, Killjoys and current Real Lulu drummer), Greg Spence (the Mulchmen, Cage, Killjoys, U-Dogs), Steve Johnson (Pure Plastic Tree), Ben Schelker (The Oxymorons, Candyass, U-Dogs), Tim Taylor (Brainiac, Wizbangs) and Matt Espy (Cage, Walaroo). Kim Deal even got into the act by helping record the song Hell. Now if all of that isn’t enough to get you to buy this disk maybe I should try to describe the sound. They play really infectious rock that draws on a variety of influences from the sixties through the nineties. I think of so many different bands when I listen to Real Lulu, but I can’t say that they sound like any one of them. The songs are full of hooks and they are great to see live. Buy the CD already.
- Grog Mutant (1997)

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