Reel Big Fish – Everything Sucks – CD

Reel Big Fish – Everything Sucks – CD

Reel-Big-Fish---Everything-Sucks---CDReel Big Fish – Everything Sucks – CD
(Mojo Records) This is a re-release of their debut recording that they released in 1995. Evidently, until now, the only way to get one was to pay exorbitant prices on e-bay. Looking inside the cover and listening to the disc, you can tell that they are your typical bunch of kids having fun in a decent ska punk band. The only difference between them and the band you saw this weekend at the all-ages show is the major label contract and the obligatory hit single. Regardless, they are a good band that has fun and a good attitude. Poking fun at themselves and life on almost every track. However, there is a bunch of negative foreshadowing in many of their songs regarding the improbability of them making it big. They are one of the few bands that had me laughing as I listened to their lyrics…not in a bad way, a good way. My only real complaint is that the horns are weak at times, but that is a problem with most young ska-punk bands. The more I listen to this, the more I like it and can relate to it…at least I could when I was 22.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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