A. Rex – Moving Backwards – CD

A. Rex – Moving Backwards – CD

Missing-CoverA. Rex – Moving Backwards – CD
(A. Rex Music) Despite its faults this release is pretty damn good. The piano-based tunes are catchy and the lyrics are good. The vocals are good as well. My problem is that they don’t have much flavor to them. The singing is done in a hushed tone, even on the loud parts it sounds like the vocalist is whisper-singing loud. “Rock n Roll” is one of the exceptions where the singer does try something different with his voice. This also happens to be my favorite tune on this release. The production on the opening tune “Determined” could have been a bit better, it’s not too bad on the overall release. And while I would say that the song also had a bit of Ben Folds quality to it, the rest of the release is has more of a folk alternative singer-songwriter groove to it. This is a band I feel is right on the cusp of doing great things, they just that little extra something to get them there.
– Mite Mutant (2007)

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