Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands – CD

Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands – CD

Rhapsody---Symphony-of-Enchanted-Lands---CDRhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands – CD
(Limb Music Products) OK, on the front cover you have a knight riding a fire-breathing dragon in front of a castle that sits high upon a hill as lightning flashes in the background. Now, you get two guesses to figure out what type of music this is. Did you guess symphonic metal? I knew you would. Actually, this brings me back to my nerdy past…I mean my teenage nerdy past. When I’d spend hours playing D&D with my friends, but I’d also spend hours playing my bass alone on Friday nights. I’m beginning to see a connection here. Anyway, this is fast metal with occasional orchestra accompaniment…and while I like it in some respects, it gets boring and repetitive. Their vocalist lies somewhere between King Diamond and Geoff Tate, but doesn’t do much for the songs other than add vocals to the mix of instruments. So, if you like fast music, played clean with images of castles and kings and knights then this is for you. If only you can break away from your role playing games for a bit that is…
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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