V/A – Score Some Grass – CD

V/A – Score Some Grass – CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Score Some Grass – CD
(Grass Records)
This is a grass sampler, I don’t know if it’s available to the public, but I’ve got a copy. It has 7 bands doing 2 songs each. First up are the Wrens, with two songs from their CD, so look at the review above (my favorites on the comp). Next is Omatic, doing two songs from their CD, however these are rough mixes which sound just about the same. The only difference are that these are a little bit rawer and capture their live sound better. Pollen don’t have a CD out yet, they are a kinda bland, mid-tempo, college rock type band. Good, but nothing to exciting. Half Hour to Go, is another new band to me, they play mid-tempo happy alternative rock. Now onto Loomis, this is why I hate comp CD’s , every two songs a new band and the last two songs sound about like these two only different. If I had the whole CD I might be able to say something brilliant about them (yeah, right) but I guess I’ll just keep writing lame reviews. A Ten O’Clock Scholar are also reviewed elsewhere, so find that review. Finally it’s Wasted Time, with one song that’s like your normal commercial alternative and a cover of “brown eyed girl”, which they play pretty close to the original.
- Grog Mutant (1996)

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