Sixteen Deluxe – Sixteen Deluxe – CD

Sixteen Deluxe – Sixteen Deluxe – CD

sixteen-deluxe-sixteen-deluxe-cdSixteen Deluxe – Sixteen Deluxe – CD
(Sugar Fix Recordings) You know how when you’re really drunk and the world has a very surreal feel to it? Things look and sound different and though it’s disorienting it’s also kind of fun, but at times you scream to yourself “Make it stop!” Well, Sixteen Deluxe has a mixture of these feelings. Smooth pop vocals over layers of distorted, twisted guitar lines and a steady rhythm section, which at times twists upon itself into maniacal beats and loops. I really wonder what this would sound like while trashed. Who, knows it might be sensory overload?
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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