Starmarket – Sunday’s Worst Enemy – CD

Starmarket – Sunday’s Worst Enemy – CD

starmarket-sundays-worst-enemy-cdStarmarket – Sunday’s Worst Enemy – CD
(Pop Kid Records) The first song reminded me of Plankeye in many regards. The rest of the tracks have a great powerful punk-pop sound with hooks galore that makes me think of a cross between Randy and Sicko. Everybody in the band drives the songs and are on equal footing. Wow, I just noticed that they’re from Sweden and I never would have guessed it. Their lyrics are well written and they sound great. Not to say that Swedish bands aren’t good, it’s just that when bands don’t sing in their native tongue the lyrics usually suffer. This is now my favorite Swedish band. These guys should tour with Randy if the already haven’t. That would be a great show.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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