Stuart Hart – Inner Voice – CD

Stuart Hart – Inner Voice – CD

Stuart-Hart---Inner-Voice---CDStuart Hart – Inner Voice – CD
(Mother West) I have no idea how this CD got sent to Mutant Renegade Zine for review. It would be much more appropriate for something like Soft Rock Weekly, if such a publication even exists. “Inner Voice” is, in a word, LAME. It reminds me of the theme music for Good Morning America; I half expect to hear an introduction to a Martha Stewart segment after each song. It’s even lamer than Kenny G. Even the cover sucks! This is the type of Easy-Cheese elevator music that would be playing nonstop in my own personal hell. Stuart Hart’s “Inner Voice” needs to be gagged, for the sake of everyone’s sanity.
- Lizi Mutant (2000)

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