Teen Idols – Pucker Up – CD

Teen Idols – Pucker Up – CD

Teen-Idols---Pucker-Up---CDTeen Idols – Pucker Up – CD
(Honest Don’s) Excellent! I have to say that this is definitely radio-friendly. I know that’s a bad word for some of you kids, but don’t just dismiss everything because lots of people could get into it. This is an undeniably fun band. Nirvana and Green Day were/are great bands despite complete saturation by the suit monkeys and brain dead “alternative” radio stations. There is a reason that I’m saying all of this, because I expect that before too long, you’ll be hearing Teen Idols being played by those braindead stations, and you should definitely give this band a shot. I guarantee you’ll be turning up your radio evertime you hear them. They are that good.
- Superchunk Steve (1999)

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