The Beautys / Nobodys – Hugh – CD

The Beautys / Nobodys – Hugh – CD

The-Beautys--Nobodys---Hugh---CDThe Beautys / Nobodys – Hugh – CD
(Sub City Records) Dis’ CD is punk rock as hell. Da first band, Nobodys, almost reminded the ‘Teve of fast furious Dead Milkmen. ‘Teve would sure luv ta see dis band live so the ‘Teve could slam dance like a mad man and grope a lot of punk chick tittie. Da band, The Beautys first song on dis CD is called Baby, Put It in the Hole. ‘Teve like the idea of dis song ‘cause the ‘Teve loves ta put it in da hole. Dis band has a punk cow sound dat’s fun. Dey do have a tune called, Steve-O, dat I believe is ‘bout me, but I’m sure dey wanted to call ‘Teve-O, but dey were afraid dat dey would have to pay me royalties.
- ‘Teve Mutant (2000)

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