The Belmont Playboys – One Nite of Sin…Live – CD

The Belmont Playboys – One Nite of Sin…Live – CD

the-belmont-playboys-one-nite-of-sin-live-cdThe Belmont Playboys – One Nite of Sin…Live – CD
(Deep South Records) Lest there was any doubt, this band rocks in a very hard way. This is old-school rock, back from a time when the women were girls and the men were men. This CD successfully captures the intensity and talent of the Playboys, who put on one hell of an energetic show. Singer Mike Hendrix has a voice like velvet and a guitar style to match. Chipps Baker adds his own silvery style, while Jeff Hendrix keeps a toe-tapping pace on the bass and Marc Painter’s scaled-back drum kit certainly sounds like it could rip your head off if he felt like it. These songs combine the intensity of Chuck Berry and the Ventures with the attitude of Elvis Presley and Hank Williams Sr. This is sexy music, boys and girls.
- Fibi Mutant (2000)

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