The Bouncing Souls – The Bouncing Souls – CD

The Bouncing Souls – The Bouncing Souls – CD

The Bouncing Souls – The Bouncing SoulsThe Bouncing Souls – The Bouncing Souls – CD
(Epitaph Records) I haven’t really heard much from Bouncing Souls except for occasional songs on compilations within the last few years, of course, I did disappear for about three years. I remember when I saw Heike open up for them about five years ago. I was instantly hooked on Bouncing Souls and it’s great to hear them be similar but not stagnant. They mix straight ahead punk, hardcore and ska into a fun, loud, energetic package that is really making my day. Great music always pumps up my attitude and even my job can’t get me down. I love the quote at the top of their lyrics page, it says it all. “We were ‘the most touring band in punk rock’ but 3 straight years takes its toll. It felt good to finally lock down and write these songs over a beautiful cold New York Winter on our beloved East coast. I guess it’s not good to ever be too comfortable in life no matter what you do or how old you are so here is another record about testing the boundaries of yourself, play it loud.”
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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