The Casualties – For the Punx – CD

The Casualties – For the Punx – CD

The Casualties - For the Punx - CDThe Casualties – For the Punx – CD
(GMM Records) Gutter punk ’77 style straight outta NYC. These guys have the look (the mohawks, the bondage pants, the spiked leather), and the snotty attitudes to match. Great live photos, and the cover is nice and gritty. Plus, there’s even a cartoon of the real Dennis the Menace on the inside. The music fits the image as well: tight sounds, sloppy in all the right ways, and the sing-along choruses make me sure that The Casualties rip it up live. And with a track called Punk Rock Love (whose chorus goes “Gave you love, gave you my heart”), it’s evident that these cutey punks have a soft side too….aww!!! I wonder if any of them are looking for a girlfriend….
- Lizi (2000)

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