The Frantic Flattops – Rock-n-Roll Murder – CD

The Frantic Flattops – Rock-n-Roll Murder – CD

The-Frantic-Flattops---Rock-n-Roll-Murder---CDThe Frantic Flattops – Rock-n-Roll Murder – CD
(Get Hip Records) The Frantic Flattops are a trio from Rochester, New York. They create a fresh blend of rockabilly that mixes the snotty attitude of punk rock with the cool sophistication of swing. “Rock-n-Roll Murder” has tons of great originals that get the listener up off their booty and the hips swinging to the bad ass back beat. They do a hip cover of Pirate Love by Johnny Thunders. Unfortunately, the recording studio was not able to catch the magic of the Frantic Flattops. They are a band that sweats sex, fast cars, and rock-n-roll all over the stage. You won’t regret seeing them live. Frantic Frank makes his guitar cry in a steamy way and Too Tall Paul has tons of great tattoos. I highly recommend checking them out at a show near you.
- Gail Mutant (2000)

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