The Judas Factor – Kiss Suicide – CD

The Judas Factor – Kiss Suicide – CD
(Revelation Records) I like how the band’s name and album title have the inter-relating biblical reference. This has a dark, brooding, and seething rage infused Hard-Core sound with interesting lyrics (fortunately the band printed them out in the liner notes, otherwise I would hardly be able to understand them on most of the album). On most of the songs (there were only six), brief segments of quiet, angst-filled spoken word over soft music are intermittently interrupted by bursts of harsh walls of sound and screamed out vocals. The final track, “November 20, 1999″ (oddly enough, the entire album was recorded Nov. 19 – 21, ’99), really stood out to me. It begins with a sort of story, which, at first, seems to be about the writer walking with his girlfriend down a street at night, all lovey-dovey, and then being attacked by a gang of thugs. Later, the lyrics reveal that the story is actually about lesbians and hate crimes against them. So The Judas Factor is socially conscious and mad as hell. Good stuff. – {Tom CoreKill}

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