The Shyness Clinic – Sea of Redlights – CD

The Shyness Clinic – Sea of Redlights – CD

the-shyness-clinic-sea-of-redlights-cdThe Shyness Clinic – Sea of Redlights – CD
(Espo Records) After listening to this release, I felt like I was just admitted into a mental institution where everything is warm, hazy, cozy, and rainy just like your mind is being sucked out of your head through your nose very slowly so that you might not notice. The Shyness Clinic is the soundtrack to what it is like to go out of your mind, to go mad, or simply to go mental. I bet the Shyness Clinic attended Radiohead 101 and Pink Floyd 102 at their very respectable institutional learning centers. The music is predictable, forced, soulless, and just another band to put in the category to try if you like Air Supply and Yoko Ono.
- Gail Mutant (2000)

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