The Tantrums – Motels – CD

The Tantrums – Motels – CD

Missing-CoverThe Tantrums – Motels – CD
(Cheetah’s Records) The Tantrums are a quartet hailing from Alameda, California. The cover of “Motels” is reminiscent of the Pontiac Brothers 1985 release “Doll Hut” that features photographs of motels, bowling alleys, and the band drinking. They are a rockabilly band with a female lead singer named Devil Doll. Devil Doll’s vocals are cool and at times sultry. They add a raw credibility to the music that several female lead singers in rockabilly bands have been unable to reach. I have a feeling that Devil Doll would like to chew up and spit out Gwen Stefani’s pink cotton candy hair and rainbow braces. The Tantrums kick arse. Take a listen to “Motels” because this is how rockabilly should be.
- Gail Mutant (2000)

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