Tom Jones – Tom…Sings the Sixties – CD

Tom Jones – Tom…Sings the Sixties – CD
(MCI) The Welsh Wonder is known for his unbridled vocal power and intense charisma and it comes through on this album of (other people’s) 60′s hits. Sure many of the songs are overblown with bigger than thou orchestration, but this is Tom Jones and he does make his living in Las Vegas you know. Most of these songs come off as sounding great for no other reason than that mysterious “Tom Jones” charisma. “I Thank You”, “Venus” and “What the World Needs Now” are just a few of the tunes that I found myself jamming to no matter how hard I tried to resist. The only song that I actually hated is Tom’s rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, mainly because it reminded me of the fat sell-out Vegas Elvis and I prefer the pre-army pelvis Elvis. So get this release and spend some family jam time with your parents. {Mite}

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