What I Used to Dream About When I Was 11

What I Used to Dream About When I Was 11

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #9, Fall 1998)

…I dreamed about beating Minnesota Fats in a high stakes pool game.

…I dreamed about writing the greatest rock n roll song ever and Alice Cooper would sing it.

…I dreamed about being the first professional woman’s basketball player.

…I dreamed about making a radio that played videos along with the music.

…I dreamed about freedom, love, peace, anarchy, harmony and chaos.

…I dreamed about riding a skateboard to school instead of riding the god damn bus.

…I dreamed about being a fantastic dancer like the girl in the song “Dancing Queen”.

…I dreamed about not giving a shit what anyone else thought about me.

…I dreamed about not hearing the cruel and unusual comments from all the kids at school especially Rocky and Carole with an “E”.

…I dreamed about being the first punk rocker from New Lebanon.

…I dreamed about walking around and writing poems about trees and characters on the road like Jack Kerourac.

…I dreamed about being able to buy the first Sex Pistols record.

…I dreamed about seeing Iggy Pop at the She Lounge.

…I dreamed about being a mathematical genius.

…I dreamed about going to college and meeting new people who would know what I was talking about when I mentioned the Dead Kennedy’s or the Minutemen.

…I dreamed about dancing with Adam Ant.

…I dreamed about owning 1,000 records and having dance parties in my backyard.

…I dreamed about being able to share all my dreams and ideas.

…I dreamed about riding a horse on the range in Wyoming.

…I dreamed about the simple moments that add up through our lifetimes like saying “Hello” to older people or giving someone a hug.

As women, we lose touch with the eleven year old girl inside us. As time goes on we need to find that strong eleven year old girl who can take on the world and who won’t take shit from anyone in order to become stronger and better women. Being eleven meant having no boundaries set by yourself. You could achieve anything. Being eleven meant discovering and exploring everything you could get your hands on. Being eleven meant being yourself for just a moment without any fears.

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