UsherHouse – UsherHouse – demo tape

UsherHouse – UsherHouse – demo tape
(Lens Records) I like this very much! It has an old school Gothic feel to it. Reminds me of early Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, Roz William’s Christian Death, even Dead Can Dance. This tape contains a song called “Monkey Strange” which goes well with my silly simian fetish (E.E.Monkey Publications). I keep seeing songs or even band names with the word “monkey” in the titles / names. Weird! Plus, you can’t fail to impress me with a name like UsherHouse, which seems to be drawn from a short story by one of my favorite fiction writers, Edgar Allan Poe. This is a recording from back in 1991 so it’s a bit dated, but I understand that the band has more recently released a few albums with Cleopatra Records and are still progressing. I look forward to hearing more UsherHouse. {Tom CoreKill}

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