V/A – Got A Minute? – CD

V/A – Got A Minute? – CD

VA---Got-A-Minute---CDV/A – Got A Minute? – CD
(Microcosm Records) Whew…27 bands, 44 songs, 60 minutes. It’s all here from rap to hardcore to punk pop to garage to rockabilly to straight out punk. Same bands were better than others but all had spirit and attitude plus they seemed to be having fun…plus The Halflings cover the Scooby Doo theme… Bands include: Felix Frump, Power Pellets, Gunga Dins, The TuPacs, Discount, The Unknown, The Mart!ans, The Clockouts, The Bellrays, Egghead, The Halflings, Lounge, Chalkline, Abalienation, Sister Raisin, FTB, Headboard, Operation Cliff Clavin, No Class, Striped Bastards, Suburban Core, Bippy, Adam’s Alchoholics, Pig Pen, 30 Helens, Churl, The Duttons and Racer Ten.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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