V/A – Jam Rag Family Album 1998 – 3CD

V/A – Jam Rag Family Album 1998 – 3CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Jam Rag Family Album 1998 – 3CD
(Storm Records) This is a three-cd release by a group of over 90 musicians from Michigan. The idea behind the cd is that the bands each give $5 a month to the Jam Rag Sustainer, then they put out the cd all over Detroit for free. I can’t really say I liked the first half of cd-1. Most of the music reminded me of local music from the late 70′s. Starting with track 15 the songs became more up-to-date and sounded a bit better. CD-2 has a more up-to-date musical feel about it. It starts off bands that have that heavy metal/alternative sound. Most of the bands have the alternative sound. CD-3 also has a more rockin’ alternative sound throughout and ends with a twinkly instrumental. Overall this C.D. is wonderful, not only because of the music but because of the whole concept of the project.
- Mite Mutant (1999)

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