V/A – Music to Kill For – CD

V/A – Music to Kill For – CD

VA---Music-to-Kill-For---CDV/A – Music to Kill For – CD
(Side 1 Dummy Records) This features several bands who were on the previous two year’s Warped Tour. Here’s a rundown of my first impressions of each song. Custom Made Scare – punkabilly, his voice sounds like Beatlejuice; 22 Jacks – standard melodic alternative rock; Bad Religion – what can I say? it’s BR; The Smooths – smooth punk / ska, they seem to be holding back a bit, almost exploding; Swingin’ Utters – The Utters sounding mellower than usual; Odd Numbers – Smooth punk-pop with 60′s guitar sound, surf-punk?; Bouncing Souls – Great Souls song, my favorite on this comp.; The Independents – Melodic punk with elements of Misfits, Elvis and ska…; Blazing Harley – Hopped-up rockabilly; No Use For A Name – Sounds like MxPx or maybe MxPx sound like them…; Reds – Straight punk with female vocals; Screw 32 – Almost like Bad Religion; Murphy’s Law – Decent mid-tempo punk; The Piffers – Traditional, fast, fun ska; Los Infernos – A great rockabilly jam; Blue Meanies – Extremely smooth ska ahhhh…; Supperbell Round Up – A cool alternative country song.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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