V/A – Noise Kills Punks Dead – CD

V/A – Noise Kills Punks Dead – CD

VA---Noise-Kills-Punks-Dead---CDV/A – Noise Kills Punks Dead – CD
(Opulence! Records) 59 bands / 67 songs / 73 minutes!!!! Holy shit!!! Opulence never fails to surprise me…sure we’ve dissed most of their releases, but they are a fun bunch of guys and they send all types of fun shit to us…not to mention the upcoming WE Fest which they put on. Anyhow, this came in their “hurricane emergency kit”. It had several easy steps, to creating your very own hurricane. This is great for landlocked fuckers like us. It even included the props needed…except the matches. Anyway, this is a music review so I guess I should get to that. I’m not going to mention all the bands because there are too many. A few of the songs reminded me of Art of Noise, some left me saying “What the Fuck?” others just defied description. This recording brings together facets of industrial, alternative rock, performance art, everyday noise & random weirdness into a disc that would kill a typical punker. Freaky fun!!!
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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