V/A – Swing Sucks – CD

V/A – Swing Sucks – CD

VA---Swing-Sucks---CDV/A – Swing Sucks – CD
(Liberation Records) This is another swing compilation. Most of these bands have the traditional swing sound from days gone by. Most focus on the standard themes: Dames, Drinks, Dinero and Drugs. Bands featured on this compilation are: Mitch Wood’s and his Rocket 88′s, Royal Crown Review, Alien Fashion Show, Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums, The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra, The Camaros, Big Sandy, The Lucky Strikes, Acme Swing Co., New Morty Show, Crescent City Maulers, Hipster Daddy-O & The Handgrenades, Swingerhead, Dave’s Big Deluxe, Lee Press On & The Nails, Walley’s Swing World, Dem Brooklyn Bums, The Eric Erkstrand Ensamble, The Ray Gelato Giants and The Big Six.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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