The Wake Effect – Step One – CD

The Wake Effect – Step One – CD

The Wake Effect - Step One - CDThe Wake Effect – Step One – CD
(Effected Music) The band actually consists of one man, with a second person helping out on drums for a few tracks. Overall the Wake Effect owes a lot to late 80s metal rock. The songs seem to focus on a different instrument with each track and I assume that is the one he wrote the song on. The second track, “Faith & Fire”, is driven by the bass, track three “Dusted” is driven by the guitar etc. Overall he writes decent metal, but his voice is weak and mixed way down which makes i&nd even more diminutive. I like him better as a bassist than a guitarist primarily due to his guitar style sounding like so many othe&ple. His bass playing is fairly unique though and would sound excellent in the right band. While this release has its moments I think he would be better suited joining a band as a bassist / songwriter.
– Grog Mutant (2008)

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