Who’s Your Hero?

Who’s Your Hero?

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #14, Spring 2000 – The Hero Issue)

Captain Noah, The Incredible Hulk, My dad, John Lennon, Bart Simpson, Reggie White, Keith Haring, Kevin Spacey, Billie Holliday, Sid Vicious, Stephen Hawking, Terry Gilliam, Bob Marley, Gilda Radner, Nelson Mandela, Mike Myers, Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Larson, Calvin & Hobbes, Kermit the Frog, Obi-Wan Kenobi, J.R.R. Tolkien, The Marquis De Sade, Siddhartha, Frida Kahlo, James Dean, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Jordan Catalano, Magic Johnson and John Q. Public. These are some of my heroes.
- Tao Jones of Yanni Difranco

I don’t really have one to be honest. What is a hero anyway? A person who saves a old lady’s life from being hit while crossing the road? Julia Stiles was pretty amazing in 10 things I hate about you though.
- Brian Disagree (Agree to Disagree)

This is a tough one. There are so many people I admire for different things. Here are a few: Vincent Gallo, Charlie Barnet, Anabel Chong, Rick Rubin, Andy Warhol. – Chris Terry (Anal Log Recordings)

My dad and my brother.
- Chris Hinckley (INSTANT Magazine)

Dunno if I have any but when it comes to that old party game of “Who would you invite (living or dead) to dinner if you could have the ultimate dinner party?” I always include one guy in my guest list for sure: Carl Sagan.
- Mike White (Cashiers du Cinemart)

Lemmy (Motorhead, of course. Most humble man who’s done more for/to rock than 99.9% of the population.) If I can add more then I say Stephen Hawking. And to anyone who says “No more heroes,” I say, “It’s not the 70s. It’s not true anymore. Get a life.
- Alex (Prosolar Mechanics )

a toss-up between Jerry A. & Pig Champion of Portland, OR
- Tito (Recess Records)

Melted Cheese with onions, smoked turkey with honeymustard sauce – Johnny Chiba(Radical Records) siouxsie sioux
- Maria Catamarero (Blue Ghost)

I don’t really have a “hero.” The moment you choose a hero, you open yourself to be really let down. I used to have some “hero” musician people, then I either met them or spoke with them on the phone. Now I don’t have any heroes.
- mArc Tamo (Fat Wreck)

Anyone who makes it out alive
- Dave(Lexicon)

Unfortunately, I cannot recall either the gentleman’s name of the date of his infamous, nearly noble deed but some years back, a frustrated young man broke into a radio station somewhere in Australia and at gun-point, demanded the DJ to play nothing but Alice Cooper records for 24 consecutive hours. Not sure whatever

happened to him as well and although I under no circumstances condone violent behavior, I understand his motivation and commend him for his good tast. A word to the programmers everywhere, wise up and fast!
- Rick Gershon (WBR)

My boyfriend
- Monica Seide (WBR)

Evil Knivel
- Matt Bower (Century Media Records)

A friend of mine in Ottawa who has been through a lot!
- David Wimble (Big Meteor)

My pop
- Neek (The Oxymorons, Candyass, Heike)

- Eddie Migraine (The Migraines)

Ray Orf
- Teri (Dayton Buzz)

- Bob (Crack Records)

Hank Bukowski
- Drew (the band DEVL)

Bruce Lee
- Ace (Skunk Anansie Mutant)

my hero was william howard taft because he got stuck in a bathtub…but now it’s colleen because she has backstreet boys underpants she got in canada. i’m jealous because i want to be punk-farking-rock and wear backstreet underwear with my plaid skirts.
- Jess stardust (whorebitchslut)

None rightnow..but when i was 5 i liked Aquaman
- brad rhetoric

Whoever invented the Hovercraft
- Pete Loeffler (Chevelle)

The incredible hulk, because he’s nice to you when you’re nice to him, then he kicks the shit out of you when you act like an ass.
- Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ)

Martha Quinn. To be a pioneering vj & still have the stick-aroundiveness to do Nutragena commercials like she’s an adolescent
- Wow

My hero is Sheera, because she was pretty, strong, and seductive to He-man. Plus she kicked a bunch of guy’s asses.
- Pixie (GSSP)

Mite & Rev. Cool
- Anna Kiss Mouser-Martinez

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