Yes, I drove to Flint to see a show, but only because it was the Will. The Will is a band that my band used to play with until they broke up several years ago. I kept in touch with a couple of members but suddenly Jim emailed me and told me about the show. I knew I had to go and since Fen had just returned from LA we decided to make it a total reunion (ex-husband and wife seeing ex-bandmates).

I decided to rent a car knowing that my Geo just wouldn’t make the trip considering how hard of a time it has just getting to Cincy. So we set off in a nice car with plenty of CDs and much to talk about. When we finally got to Flint, two “nice” guys offered to “watch” our car in exchange for a few dollars. (Welcome to Flint) We said we were broke and proceeded inside. I felt bad but be told the bouncers about our “car protectors” and I assume they cleared them out. Once inside we headed upstairs and meet our old friends. We soon decided the time was right to drink. We bought a beer and a mixed drink and were surprised to hear it cost less than $5. The bartender was very cool and I thought she was cute. We ended up tipping her quite a bit during the rest of the night since she deserved it.

We looked around and noticed that the place is really cool, with an alternative dance club and a few pool tables downstairs and a big place for bands to play upstairs. Burnt Toast was first up and played to about 30 people. They were a really good punk-pop band that=s been together for several years. I think if they were in any other city they would have at least 150 people at their shows. They put on a great energetic show.

Next up was either unlessseldomhas or the dopes. All I know is that I survived about two songs by each band before I headed downstairs to play pool. I noticed that within 15 minutes most of the crowd had joined me downstairs. After I was downstairs the sets were way better…they had cool music playing downstairs and I played a few games of “slop” pool. I actually made a few good shots, thanks in part to my “pool coach” (I totally forget her name, but I thought she was kinda cute).

After that horrid mess the Will took the stage without a hint of bloodshed. All four took turns singing as they burned up the stage with their unique Flint fueled punked out roots rock. Everytime I hear them I think about: beer, Harleys, beer, fights, beer, sweat and rock. They remain one of my favorite MidWest bands who died way too soon.

Afterwards, in true Flint tradition they took us out to eat, to a party at Jim of Rats of Unusual Sizes fame, then Matt (The Will’s bassist) let us crash at his and Lisa’s (his girlfriend) place. Another great trip to Flint and well worth the drive. Flint has some of the coolest people I have ever met. I love the city, but I’d never move there…
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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