What Will Be The Last Thing to Flash Before Your Eyes When You Die?

What Will Be The Last Thing to Flash Before Your Eyes When You Die?

Various answers from our survey in MRZ #12

My life’ s sucked, nothing will flash in front of my eyes.
- Brian Disagree / Agree

That time I saw my mom doing it… no – I think the first KISS reunion tour in 96 will be running through my mind…that Al Quint is still doing one of the best ‘zines in the world….I’ m not sure. Damnit, you’re putting a lot of pressure on me to have an exciting N.Years!
- Scott daltonic / Daltonic

The day I met my girlfriend because she is sooo awesome.
- Chris Envy, Showoff

It would have to be my earliest memories of my little green potty training toilet that was shaped like a frog
- Tito / Recess Records

Knowing my luck it’ll probably be a moment of great humiliation and shame in my life. Maybe it’ll be the look on Dave Fox’s face before he punched me in the mouth in High School, knowing that he’d not get suspended because he was a prominent football player and the asst. principal was his coach.
- Mike White/ Anal Log Recordings

Losing my virginity
-Georgie Bungalo / Life In A Bungalo

Every bad thing I ever did followed by an intense orgasm.
- Chris Terry / Anal Log Recordings

My penis and all of his many adventures!
- Paul J Autry / ½ creeper

That time that I said to my friend Bill, “What are you gonna do for the rest of your life, disco? It’s time to stop dancing & think about your future. You should look into keep tinkering with that contraption of yours.”
- Brian Broccoli / Potpourri & Roses

Meeting Little Richard
- Pat Dull / Pat Dull & the Media Whores

“Glam Rock”
- Jimi Cheetah

Damn Furbies
- Kelly Reaves / Haste

Meeting Grog. It was the highlight of my life and I can die a happy woman now.
- Jess Stardust / whorebitchslut

With my luck, this questionnaire. -Dave / Lexicon

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