xbxrx – Love Songs for the Blind – CD

xbxrx – Love Songs for the Blind – CD

xbxrx-love-songs-for-the-blind-cdxbxrx – Love Songs for the Blind – CD
(Anal Log Recordings) I missed this group when I was at WE Fest and heard that I missed one of the best bands there. (Dammit…read more about it in the We Fest 99 story). Anyway, at least I got their CD and people weren’t kidding. xbxrx takes components of Brainiac, Nation of Ulysses, and the Dead Milkmen along with samples to make an amazing release. Many songs include sampled sounds from 80′s video games doled out via keyboards. I can’t say enough about this… My favorites include Carlos E. Moore, Duels (with its great Centipede samples), Siren Bomb Voo, and my personal favorite Chow Mein Alpha. Fun, demented, humorous, twisted rock with adrenaline to spare…you must get this and see them live…
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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