Zero 7 – The Garden – CD

Zero 7 – The Garden – CD

Zero 7Zero 7 – The Garden – CD
(Atlantic Records) The third album of this English band was a pleasurable listen. Each song on the album seems so different than the one before it, yet the band makes it work. The soulful female vocals of Sia, remind me of Vanessa Carlton while the male vocals consisting of Henry Binns, Sam Hardaker (the two original Zero 7 band members) and Jose Gonzalez brought Simon and Garfunkel to mind. The CD brings together songs with a jazzy blues feel and vintage folk while using synthesizer and xylophone to enhance their sound. I think my favorite song on the album is “Waiting to Die,” which strangely, seems very pleasant. This is a very unique band with lots of talent. If you’re looking for something new and exciting check them out.
– Simi Mutant (2006)

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  1. I’ve been a fan since your first posts (Peter Frohmader, I believe … and lots of NWW list stuff) and I’ve been aeazmd at how consistently you Mutants post. There’s rarely a post when I don’t find something that knocks my ears out.I’d say the Mutants have earned a break … but hurry back, ‘cuz I’m going through Mutuant withdrawal!Dave


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