Zeromancer – Eurotrash – CD

Zeromancer – Eurotrash – CD

ZeromancerZeromancer – Eurotrash – CD
(Zeromancer) Eurotrash is right. These guys are the children of the early 80′s new wave movement ala Frankie Goes to HollywoodSigue Sigue Sputnik and A Flock of Seagulls. They have some good industrial / goth / electronica tendencies, but underneath it all they are new wave pop for the 00′s. As a background or for dancing it’s fine, but their lyrics are lame. Here’s a sample from the song ” Eurotrash” (We are Nothing but Eurotrash / We Take Plastic We Take Cash / We sell our hearts second class / We slit our throats on tinted glass) Wow, deep and poignant. This is definitely a case of style over substance and if you’re into that feel free to indulge.
– Grog Mutant (2002)

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