_ill.gates – [autopirate] – CD

_ill.gates – [autopirate] – CD

Missing-Cover_ill.gates – [autopirate] – CD
(Muti!) I’m pretty picky when it comes to my instrumental hip hop, because there are a lot of DJs who veer too close to the whole trance/electronica phase of the 90′s that makes me think of raves and glow sticks. Luckily, ill.gates keeps his beats sophisticated and mixes them deftly enough to keep them from sounding like a few repetitive samples and a drum machine. Autopirate lacks the frantic turntablism of Mix Master Mike or the multi-layered dimension of DJ Shadow, but there are definite influences- one of which is the fact that the beats and timing are very tight and precise. The big difference is the pace- there is a laid-back feel to most of the tracks, and at times a political slant (such as in “Net Neutrality Rantapella.”) The pace may be my only complaint as sometimes the tracks with a feature vocalist can drag against the more laid-back beats.
– Tempus Mutant (2009)

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