Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart – CD

Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart – CD

agnostic-front-riot-riot-upstart-cdAgnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart – CD
(Epitaph Records) Wow! Power Packed and Hard Hitting! Fast punchy songs. I know Agnostic Front has been around for fucking ever so it’s good to see that they can still fuck shit up! From the very get-go they make it clear that they’re from NYC and they fucking hate Mayor Rudie Giuliani! They also speak of disgust with their surroundings and a belief in certain morals and standards of behavior. I feel like making a message comparison to The Exploited, but you know, that probably sounds pretty obvious and I could just as easily compare them to a million other bands who sing with moral outrage. I must say I like it though. They’ve got these great “we’re totally fucking drunk at a show and everybody’s singin’ along” chant-like non-harmonizing choruses.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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