Akwarian Sea Rebel – Gritty – CD

Akwarian Sea Rebel – Gritty – CD

Akwarian Sea Rebel - Gritty - CD Akwarian Sea Rebel – Gritty – CD
(Akwarian Sea Rebel) The cover of this release has a side view a person wearing a myriad of instruments as a headdress. It’s a good representation of what can be found while listening to this disc. The tracks are varied and the overall feel is eclecticism. “Mula-la” sounds like an Ani Difranco & Creatures mash up, while I can hear hints of Tricky in “WWIII”. There’s somethingPortishead like in the tune “Green Sea” and I kept thinking about the final cut on side two of Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall” while listening to the haunting sound of “Galaxy Intro”. There are hints of a droning Sublime on “Philly in the Wintertime” and the funkiness of “Outer Galactic Refugee” is addictive. Now I’m not sure if this is band is a one woman powerhouse, or if it’s just the singer that’s female. There’s not too much info except a photo on the inside of the CD case that has me thinking the former. The best thing about this release is that the overall production has a low-fi quality to it, which helps to make the overall sound of this CD much more enjoyable.
– Mite Mutant (2008)

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