Allister – Dead Ends and Girlfriends – CD

Allister – Dead Ends and Girlfriends – CD

Allister - Dead Ends and Girlfriends - CDAllister – Dead Ends and Girlfriends – CD
(Drive Thru Records) If MxPx-style pop-punk is your thang, so to speak, then Allister will definitely enjoy a place in your music collection. Named after that bizarre “What are you talking about?” Canadian teenager from the Nickelodeon smash hit “You Can’t Do That on Television”, Allister is a group of four cutesy punk rawk boys from suburban Chicago (where they all probably still live in their parents’ basements). Great harmonies; all four members sing on various tracks. Quick bursts of catchy guitar riffs abound, and even if you don’t like some of the tracks, they’re all pretty short, so you can sit through them. Most songs deal with teenager-type subjects: girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, drinking, getting hit on by gay guys in school, eating pancakes after a night of drinking-you know, the usual stuff. My favorite tracks on “Dead Ends and Girlfriends” are both covers, but I don’t think that has to do with a lack of songwriting ability on Allister’s part. Their cover of the Fraggle Rock theme song really pumps my nads (to steal a line from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club), but the crowning jewel by far is a sped-up guitar-heavy version of the sinister Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. To be honest, I already knew the words to that vile hit (due to a customer service job), but this version actually made me like it. I guess it doesn’t repel the male persuasion either; my boyfriend played it over and over again. For a debut full-length album, Allister has really done a swell job…don’t be surprised if you find them on MTV soon, taking over Blink 182′s spot as resident cute punk band.
Lizi Mutant (2000)

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