Alt-J – An Awesome Wave – CD

Alt-J – An Awesome Wave – CD

Alt-J – An Awesome Wave - CDAlt-J – An Awesome Wave – CD
(Canvasback) Well, this release was actually from 2012, but I didn’t discover it until 2013 and I wanted to pass it along in case you are unaware of this amazing band for some reason. An Awesome Wave is one of the rare releases I’ve heard lately that really is a full work and should be listened to start to finish. Sure many of the songs do stand on their own, but when you play the whole album with its many layers, changes and moods all in a row it is magical. I think they are one of the most complex bands musically to come around in quite some time and they can do it by sometimes being almost silent. One of my favorite aspects of Alt-J is that they treat the vocals as another instrument where phrases are stretch and melded into whatever structure is needed to fit in the overall structure. An amazing listen from start to finish.
- Grog Mutant (2012)

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