American Heartbreak – Postcards from Hell – CD

American Heartbreak – Postcards from Hell – CD

American-Heartbreak---Postcards-from-Hell---CDAmerican Heartbreak – Postcards from Hell – CD
(Coldfront Records) Jeeze…I don’t really like this. First of all, they have the most moronic lyrics which seem to be inspired by hanging out at the local gas station! But also what sux is that they musically sound like a shitty 80′s band like Honeymoon Suite (I am ashamed to admit I owned that cassette for a brief time when it first came out. Hey at least I fucking shoplifted it!). They all sing together, but no harmonizing. They all have to sing the same key and out of tune even! It’s crappy, waste-of-my fuckin’ time albums like this that make me wanna just not review them, like I do when I’m writing reviews for my own zine, but I guess since this is for Grogling, I’ll waste the time. He’d kick my fucking ass if I didn’t!
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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