Arma Secreta – A Century’s Remains – CD

Arma Secreta – A Century’s Remains – CD

Arma SecretaArma Secreta – A Century’s Remains – CD
(Smith Seven Records) This CD starts off with a rage that reminds me of Patti Smith’s “Piss Factory” which morphs into a guitar and vocal driven alternative madness. They almost come off as A.F.I.’s kid brother. However, the further into the CD you go the more they start sounding like a solid punk band, ala Hot Water Music.While their music is rock solid and they sound great, no one song really stood out. It’s like there is that missing ingredient which makes the soup go from good to great. The challenge for me and ultimately for this band is finding out exactly what that ingredient is.
– Mite Mutant (2007)

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