Ashia – Pay To Be Loved – CD

Ashia – Pay To Be Loved – CD

AshiaAshia – Pay To Be Loved – CD
(Ashia) While I love this CD, I’m going to have to say that having a CD of nothing but voice and cello is just too much at times. The songs sound like they would be best as the tunes that help break up the pace of a CD filled with multi-instrument releases. But like I said, I love this release. Ashia combines the vocal sensibilities ofElenie Mandel and the avant-garde musical approach of The Dresden Dolls with the intensiveness of P.J. Harvey. How could this not be good? Standouts include the title track, “Pay to Be Loved” as well as “Nomanmad” and “Ne Me Quitte Pas”. So while this isn’t a CD I would listen to all the way through repeatedly, the songs are a definite addition to my MP3 mix.
– Mite Mutant (2007)

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